Attacked: Minesweepers

  • HMCS Chedabucto
  • HMCS Clayoquot
  • HMCS Esquimalt

HMCS Chedabucto

21 octobre 1943
Au large de Saint-Simon
Collision avec le Lord Kelvin

Pertes humaines : 1 mort

At around 6 a.m., SS Lord Kelvin and HMCS Chedabucto went to a meeting point from which the Chedabucto was to escort the merchant ship. However, they collide violently. This accident is due to human error. The inexperience and lack of navigation skills of some officers resulted in piloting errors and, inevitably, the death of a member of the crew.

HMCS Clayoquot

December 24, 1944
Off Cape Breton
Torpedoed by U-806

Human casualties: 4 officers and 4 sailors

On December 22, a ship was damaged by what appears to be a German mine. On Christmas Eve morning, the minesweeper HMCS Clayoquot, as well as the ships Kirkland and Transconia, set off on a mission. They must secure the waters taken by several convoys off Cape Breton. In the middle of the morning, the Clayoquot received a German torpedo and sank very quickly. This torpedoing killed 8 of the 84 crew members.

HMCS Esquimalt

Human casualties: 5 officers and 39 sailors

Shortly before the news of the end of the war, this minesweeper went on a reconnaissance mission. He doesn’t spot the U-190 chasing him. The submarine launched a torpedo which directly hit the ship and sank it through the bow. Cold-frozen, the survivors were drafted by HMCS Sarnia, but after 6 long hours at sea. Only 27 of the 71 sailors survived this attack. HMCS Esquimalt is the last ship lost during the Battle of the St. Lawrence.